Stevenson, Robert Louis: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

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Bookreport: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson Author: Robert Louis Stevenson R.L. Stevenson was born in Scotland in 1850.He hoped to be an engineer, because his father was an engineer, too, but his health wasn t very good so he became an author and a poet. Because of his health he often travelled and in Californian he married. His best works are: Treasure Island, Kidnapped and of course Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde. He died in Samoa in 1894. Characters : Mr. Utterson he is a lawyer and one of the most important characters in this story Dr. Jekyll he is a friend of Mr Utterson and a scientist Mr. Hyde - he is the bad version of Dr. Jekyll, because he and Dr. Jekill are the same person. Dr. Lanyon a friend of Mr. Utterson and Dr. Jekyll Mr. Enfield a friend of Mr. Utterson Plot: One Sunday Mr. Utterson and Mr. Enfield go through a street with an ugly house with an old door. Mr. Enfield tells Mr. Utterson a story about this door. One day there was a man who went into this door. He had to pay one hundred pounds to the family of a little girl, because he had stepped on her and had hurt her. He went into this door and came back with a cheque, which was signed by a very famous man Dr. Jekyll. After Mr. Utterson had heard that he goes to his office and looks at the last will of Dr. Jekyll, an old friend of him. He finds out who the ugly man from the story was - a mystery man named Mr. Hyde,who is the only heir of Dr. Jekyll. Mr. U. is very nosy to see this Mr. Hyde and so ...

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