The Conflict in Northern Ireland

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The Conflict in Northern Ireland After Ireland was divided into Northern Ireland (Ulster) and the Republic of Ireland in1949, both governments tried to ease the situation. Ulster, for example, took part in several British industrial projects and, consequently, the economic situation improved. 1 In 1965 the head of the Republic of Ireland and North Ireland met in Dublin. This was the first meeting of members of both governments after the division of Ireland. 2 This meeting and the détente-policy were strongly criticised by the UVC (Ulster Volunteer Force) and other radical Protestants. These groups feared that the division of Ireland would be abolished and consequently the Protestants would lose their dominant position. This division of territory has always been a highly controversial issue: the IRA (Irish Republic Army) was opposed to it as prevented their ideal dream of a united and catholic Ireland. The Government in Dublin subdued the IRA, employing methods such as censorship. Yet they supported the ideal of a united Ireland, but, of course, this caused tension with the Northern States. Nevertheless, the British Government regarded the problem as solved till the Catholic community started the civil rights movement, highlighting the abuse of power and demanding equality in employment, housing and education. Many of these demonstration proceed in a peaceful way. However, although a protest march at the 5th of October 1968 was forbidden by the Home Secretary more than 2000 ...

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