Townsend, Sue: True Confessions Of Adrian Albert Mole

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English Book Report, Gabriel Maresch 7C II, in March 1997 TRUE CONFESSIONS OF ADRIAN ALBERT MOLE WRITTEN BY SUE TOWNSEND Before I`m going to start introducing the book`s persons I want to say in advance that this is not a common book with a clear plot. This book consists of several, temporal and regarding content, not connecting extracts of Adrian Mole`s dairy written between 1984 an 1989, between the time he was 16 and 21. This book-report is going to fit to this lack of action and is going to concentrate on the persons, especially on A. Mole. Sometimes quotations of Adrian will be used to convey his sarcastic humour. Don`t be too shocked because of some offensive expressions Adrian uses from time to time. Main characters Adrian Mole - He`s the author of the diary and therefore the main character of the book. It doesn`t take a long time to get his personality. He`s open-minded, very self-confident but lives on another planet, he`s the archetype of an artistic. To sum up: Adrian is an undiscovered poet. He lives in a semi-detached house in Leicester. He describes himself, I`m dark, but not dark enough to be interesting: no Celtic broodiness. My eyes are grey, my eyelashes are medium length, nothing exciting here. My nose is high bridged and I`ve got a chin, though. No mean achievement considering my pure English genes ... He thinks he is a trendsetter, his style of dressing is, whatever he means by that, idiosyncratic. He is wearing a balacalva helmet knitted by ancient yet ...

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