Priestley, J.B.: An Inspector Cals

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An Inspector Calls The Characters: Arthur Birling Mr. Birling is a self-confident, calculating and unscrupulous Buisnessman. The only thing he´s looking forward to are his further buisness relations with Croft and he´s proud of getting a Knighthood soon. sohe´s very ambitious. He doesn´t seem to be happy that his daughter is going to marry.In the book he´s described as easy-mannered man unlike his wife. In his buisness he´s selfish and unscrupulous. He is a Capitalist and a Conservative. He tells Eric and Gerald, that a man must look after himself and his own (p.17). There you can see how unscrupulous, superficial, narrow-minded and unworldly he is. Apparently he is not a very good father because Eric says that he is not the kind of father a boy would come to when he´s in trouble.(p.74) He´s not thinking that he´s guilty. During the whole interrogation he tries to convince the Inspector that he should stop asking his family silly questions. But he does not succeed. Sybil Birling She´s a cold woman of her class who is full of prejedices. She is very self-confident, self-possessed, arrogant and full of haughtyness. But when it concerns her children she´s touchy.Her world breaks together when she experiences that in Brumley are prostitutes, Meggarty a womaniser and sot, the fiance of her daughter has a mistress. She wants to be silent about the girl but at the and she is at the mercy of the Inspector. She is pitiless and the typical hypocrite. She´s cruel, vile, thinks that ...

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