Priestley, J.B.: An Inspector Cals

Referat, Hausaufgabe, Priestley, J.B.: An Inspector Cals
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Das Dokument beschreibt die Charaktere und ihre Eigenschaften in dem Theaterstück „An Inspector calls“. Die Hauptcharaktere sind Arthur Birling, Sybil Birling und Sheila Birling. Arthur Birling ist ein egoistischer Geschäftsmann, der nur an seine eigenen Ziele denkt. Sybil Birling ist eine selbstgerechte Frau, die voller Vorurteile ist und sich als besser als andere ansieht. Sheila Birling ist eine verwöhnte und hitzköpfige junge Frau, die ihre Macht auf böse Weise nutzt. Das Dokument beschreibt auch, wie die Charaktere mit der Schuld umgehen, die sie im Zusammenhang mit dem Selbstmord eines jungen Mädchens haben. Arthur Birling und Sybil Birling versuchen, sich der Schuld zu entziehen, während Sheila Birling ihre Reue zeigt. Das Dokument vermittelt einen Einblick in die sozialen und politischen Ansichten der Charaktere und zeigt auch, wie Vorurteile und Klassenunterschiede eine Rolle spielen.
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An Inspector Calls The Characters: Arthur Birling Mr. Birling is a self-confident, calculating and unscrupulous Buisnessman. The only thing he´s looking forward to are his further buisness relations with Croft and he´s proud of getting a Knighthood soon. sohe´s very ambitious. He doesn´t seem to be happy that his daughter is going to marry.In the book he´s described as easy-mannered man unlike his wife. In his buisness he´s selfish and unscrupulous. He is a Capitalist and a Conservative. He tells Eric and Gerald, that a man must look after himself and his own (p.17). There you can see how unscrupulous, superficial, narrow-minded and unworldly he is. Apparently he is not a very good father because Eric says that he is not the kind of father a boy would come to when he´s in trouble.(p.74) He´s not thinking that he´s guilty. During the whole interrogation he tries to convince the Inspector that he should stop asking his family silly questions. But he does not succeed. Sybil Birling She´s a cold woman of her class who is full of prejedices. She is very self-confident, self-possessed, arrogant and full of haughtyness. But when it concerns her children she´s touchy.Her world breaks together when she experiences that in Brumley are prostitutes, Meggarty a womaniser and sot, the fiance of her daughter has a mistress. She wants to be silent about the girl but at the and she is at the mercy of the Inspector. She is pitiless and the typical hypocrite. She´s cruel, vile, thinks that ...
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