Priestley, J.B.: An Inspector Cals

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1. INTRODUCTION As I had to choose an English book for this paper, I started looking around and picked out a couple. But which one? Before getting desperate I asked a friend of mine who reads quite a lot of English books about his favourite one and he recommended An Inspector Calls by J.B. Priestley. I started reading and soon I remarked that this book was worth writing my paper about. I thought, I did and here is the result of my effort The first section is about the author, followed by some information about the book and a short summary. In chapter three Disclosure and Conscience I have a close look at the faults of each person and how they react to their disclosure. The second topic is about the mysterious Inspector Goole. I tried to analyse his role in the play. I wrote my personal opinion in point six. A survey of this paper: 1. Introduction 2. J.B. Priestley 3. An Inspector calls 3.1 Genesis and intention of the play 3.2 Short Summary 4. Disclosure and Conscience 5. Inspector Goole 6. Personal opinion Sources 2. JOHN BOYTON PRIESTLEY John Boyton Priestley was a British journalist, novelist, playwright and essayist. His output was prodigious and included a vast number of newspaper and magazine articles, essays, as well as novels, histories and travel books.. J.B. Priestley Priestley was born in Bradford in 1894 (september, 13.). His father, Jonathan Priestley, was a prosperous schoolmaster; his mother died shortly after his birth. He attended Bradford Grammar School, ...

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