The industrial revolution

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The industrial revolution Without any doubt the industrial revolution is and was one of the most important parts of human history. It changed the life of nearly every human being on our whole planet and the results are so common for us that we don t even think about them in our daily lives. Industrial changes: The industrial revolution began at the 2nd half of the 18th century. There exists no uniformed theory how it came up. We can separate the industrial revolution in three parts: 1. industrial revolution (approx. 1760 - 1830) It started in England because this country had colonies with a huge amount of natural resources, a good traffic system, great financial reserves, sufficient workers and a lot of people with revolutionary ideas. Another important fact was that the state itself didn t interfere in the economy and so a free economy market could grow. First there was an agrarian revolution: The great land owners got rich at the expense of the small farmers. Because of this many of them went into the rapidly growing cities where they hoped to find a better life. The former small factories were replaced by larger more efficient ones. So large stock companies developed. Banking institutions, the industry and the financial world supported each other because in these times political power of the Europeans was based on industrial superiority. It resulted in a world-wide economy and commercial room with international exchange of goods. The most important inventions of the 1st ...

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