History of Immigration into the USA

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History of Immigration into the USA 20.000 ago immigration from Siberia into North and South America 1492 Columbus discovered America Spanish and French colonists (e.g. in Florida) 1607 Jamestown is founded by the British 1620 The Pilgrim Fathers settled in Plymouth, Mass. 1700 British dominance in the central part of North America 1776 the thirteen British colonies declare their independence from Britain 1700-1800 high of time of slave trade 1808 import of slaves is forbidden 1840-1860 largest immigration wave in American history due to famines, political unrest and population growwth in Europe (Ireland, Germany, Britain) 1880 immigrant come from Eastern and Southern Europe rather than from Central and Western Europe (Italians, Hungarians, Russians (Jews), Czechs) 1882 ban on immigration from China (Asia) because of the cultural background 1886 Statue of Liberty is erected 1892 opening of Ellis Island (Centre of immigration) 1900 1920 15 Mio immigrants 1921 24 a quota system was introduced; strict restrictions on immigration 1930`s 1940`s little immigration from Europe 1956 immigration from Hungary 1959 immigration from Cuba 1965 68 Quota system abolished; equal chance for each immigrant 1970`s immigrants from Indochina 1980`s immigrants from the Philippines, Korea, Chinas, India; illegal immigrants from Mexico 1990`s legalisation of illegal immigrants What is an immigrant (into the USA)? 1. He ist seeking for a better life. 2. He is willing to take risks. 3. People differ ...

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