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HTML Hyper Text Markup Language A very short introduction to the history of the internet You might not believe it, but the Net s roots are in the 1960´s. The RAND Corporation, America s foremost Cold War thinking machine, faced a strategic problem. How could the US authorities successfully communicate after a nuclear attack? So scientists began to construct a network. This was the beginning of the internet. It was called ARPANET because the Pentagon s Advanced Research Projects Agencs (ARPA) had installed it. In 1972 Ray Tomlinson of BBN invented the first e-mail program. In 1983 the ARPANET split into ARPANET and the military segment, MILNET. The ARPANET kept growing during the early eighties. In 1984 the number of hosts broke 1000, in 1987 they broke 10,000 and in 1989 the even broke 100,000. In 1992 the World Wide Web (WWW) was released and the number of hosts broke 1,000,000. The World Wide Web The WWW was invented at CERN, an institute for particle physics situated in Switzerland. Originally, WWW was developed only for high energy physics. Tim Berners Lee was the driving force behind the development. He wrote the first WWW client and the first WWW server and defined standards such as URL, HTML and HTTP while working at CERN. HTML Hyper Text Markup Language What is it? Before HTML there were thousands of word processing programs out on the market. Each of it encoded text in a different way when it saved data to a disk. This made it impossible to create a single text ...

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