Braunstein, David: Black holes

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Black Holes by David Braunstein Mr. O`Conner 06.04.`98 The black hole is a very widely discussed phenomenon in science. The first thing one might want to know, is that nobody has ever seen a black hole. The only reason to believe in them, is the mathematical effect of its gravitational field. The first (known) person to talk about black holes was John Michell, from Cambridge, in 1783. He suggested that a star that had a greater gravitation than light could not be seen by anyone, because the light itself would never be able to leave that star. Later on this idea was expanded to a star that had collapsed because of its own gravity, which could not be upheld by the star forever. Eventually it would loose its nuclear fuel, and therefor not be able to hold up the needed pressure, which would make it collapse. This collapsed star then would suck everything near it with a small enough mass and velocity into itself. As soon as its escape velocity had reached a radius of over 300,000 kilometers, light would not be able to escape anymore. With all the new matter being part of this black hole, its gravity would become bigger and pull larger objects into its gravitational field. What at first would only be particles and space dust would eventually become whole stars and even suns. The black hole would grow bigger, and its gravity would have effects on other planets and suns that would change their orbits because of the differed gravitational field that surrounds them. This is what can ...

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