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Hemingway s Literature Biography: It is very essential to know about the most important facts of Hemingway s biography, because almost all his stories have autobiographical aspects. His main attitudes in his works are: the attitudes of tight-lipped and stoical disillusionment in a world of senseless and sudden violence, the absence of faith but the cultivation of composure (Gelassenheit), the code of understatement, wry(schief,verzerrt) sardonic(zynisch), wit (Verstand) and a slightly self-pitying toughness (leichte selbstbemitleidende Härte) . Ernest Miller Hemingway was born on July 21st, 1899, in Oak Park, near Chicago. He lived there with his father, MD Clarence E. Hemingway and his mother Grace Hemingway. His father was a special person, above all because of one fact: he had the ability to move his eyes faster and to see over bigger distances more clearly than other human beings. Because of this fact he was a very nervous person, who was very sensitive and faster agitated(aufgeregt) than any other human being. From his childhood on and during his whole life his heritage(Erbe) had a great impact on Ernest. So he got from his father the unmistakable inclination(Neigung) to sentimentality and above all to his frightening, almost tragic loneliness, which drove Clarence Hemingway to commit suicide. His mother Grace had the same bold(mutige) energy and aesthetic sensitiveness as Ernest. Every summer Hemingway s family drove up to Walloon Lake in North Michigan and stayed ...

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