Hemingway, Ernest Miller

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Spezialgebiet Unterrichtsfach: Englisch Lehrer: Prof. Mag. Renate Bartenstein Schüler: Carl Rauch Klasse: 8.a Jahr meiner Matura: 2000 Ernest Miller Hemingway List of contends His youth His childhood Ernest Miller Hemingway was born on July 21st, 1899 in Oak Park. Oak Park is a very wealthy suburb in the west of Chicago. He is the second out of six children, his older sister s name is Marcelline and his younger sister s names are Ursula, Madelaine and Carol. His youngest brother was called Leicster. His mother Grace Hemingway, born as Grace Hall, was feministic and talented in music, so she organised a chorus and her husband cooked. His name is Eduard Hemingway and he worked as a doctor. He showed his son the beauty of free nature and taught him how to fish and hunt. In the short story Fathers and Sons Hemingway describes the relation to his father: Hunting this country for quail as his father had taught him, Nicholas Adams started thinking about his father. When he first thought about him it was always the eyes. The big frame, the quick movements, the wide shoulders, the hooked hawk nose, the beard that covered the weak chin, you never thought about it was always the eyes. They were protected in his head by the formation of the brows; set deep as though a special protection had been devised for some very valuable instrument. They saw much farther and much quicker than the human eye sees and they were the great gift his father had. And later: Nick was very grateful to him ...

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