Greene, Graham: Our man in Havana

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Our Man In Havana This witty send-up of an agent s life was written by Graham Greene. The main character is Mr. Wormold, a vacuum cleaner salesman in Havana, who is always short of money. His beautiful daughter Milly attends a catholic school because Wormold had to promise to his wife, that he would bring his daughter up in a religious way when they were divorced. Although he is a very calm person he doesn t like to see Milly growing up and meeting men especially not Captain Segura, a policeman who is said to torture people very cruelly. Dr. Hasselbacher, who is a few years older than Wormold, is the salesman s best friend. They often go to bars, where they drink little bottles of whisky which Wormold collects; he already has put up a huge collection he is very proud of. I liked Mr. Wormold most because he sees the world in a witty and critical way. When you start reading this book, it is hard to stop because it is quite catching. The story takes place in Cuba in about 1958; as the title suggests mainly in Havana, where Wormold owns a shop. This is quite important because many organisations in the USA etc. where interested in things happening in that country. The Plot: Wormold´s daughter has reached an expensive age she wants to join the country-club and own a horse. So he accepts the offer of a mysterious man whose name is Hawthorne: 300-plus a month... and becomes Agent 59200 5, M.I.6´s man in Havana. To keep the job, Wormold pretends to recruit sub-agents and sends fake ...

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