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Hastings Hastings is a town and district in East Sussex. It is situated at the so called Street of Dover near the English Channel. Hastings is a famous town for bathing, 90 minutes away from London. Hastings has 75.000 inhabitants and it can offer very much: picturesque streets, fantastic squares, modern shopping centres and famous caves, which the smugglers have used to hide their things. History After Eduard der Bekenner had abdicated, Harold II. followed him as the last Anglo Saxon king. He could beat the Norwegian back, but he was defeated in the Battle of Hastings on 14.10.1066 by the Normanns under the command of William the Conqueror, who enforced his hereditary title. This battle decided about the power of the Normanns on the British Island. Hastings... ... as a harbour After the famous Battle of Hastings one of the five harbours of the king was built. Hastings´ harbour belonged to the Clinque Ports and had one of the biggest harbours in Great Britain. The location of Hastings´ harbour was favourable and on the other side not favourable. You could go everywhere from Hastings by ship and it was very near to Europe. But on the other side the people were afraid of the robberies of the Vikings, Romans, Saxons and the Frenchmen. Because of that Hastings became famous until the Great Storm in 1287. After the storm everything was destroyed and the harbour silted up until it was useless. No ships could put into port. Because of that Hastings was not so famous any more. It ...

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