Bischoff, David: Hackers

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HACKERS from David Bischoff Protagonists: Dave Murpphy (alias Zero Cool) Crash Override: The most popular Hacker Kate Libby (alias Accid Burn): The girlfriend of Dave Ramon Sanchiez (alias Phantom Freak): The Telephone King Emilio Goldspin (alias Serial Killer): He is a little bit crazy Paul Kirk (alias Lord Nightcome): Also a Hacker Joe Bardela: He tries to become to the elite Mr. Bellfort (alias The Blake): The security boss of the Gibson Network Richard Gill: He is the official who fights against Hackers Motto of the Hackers: This is our world, the world of electronic, the circuitry and the beauty of the byte. We don t know any nationality or religious instruction and different skin colours. You head wars, kill people, tell us lies and you said that this is for our own welfare but we should be criminal. Yes I am criminal, my perpetrate is called curiosity. I am a Hacker and this is my manifest. Perhaps you can stop me, but you cannot stop all of us. Summary: The story plays in America, at first in Seattle (in the year 1988) and then in N.Y.C. . Daves secret name is Zero Cool and he destroyed 1507 Computer with a virus on his Internet Access. The police enters his house and arrests him with 11 years. His judgement for this criminal offence is, that he is not allowed to have a Computer or an Internet Access up to his 18 birthday. 7 years later. Dave lives now in New York City with his mother and with his Computer. He is very bored and so he use his Internet Access to take ...

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