Fitzgerald, Francis Scott: The Great Gatsby

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1.) Write a summary of chapter three. The third chapter of F. Scott Fitzgerald s novel is about Nick s first visit at Gatsby s parties. Nick describes Gatsby s parties as excessive, crowded and superficial. One day Gatsby s chauffeur delivers an invitation to Nick. That s really unusual, because normally nobody is invited to Gatsby s parties. All guests of Gatsby come simply without any invitation. After Nick has arrived at the party, he feels a bit lonely, because he knows nobody. Finally he meets Jordan Baker, who introduces him to those people she knows yet. In a small round with Jordan, three men and two girls there are many rumours about Gatsby uttered. After a time Nick and Jordan leave this group and join a group of more polite people which come from East Egg. But they stay also not very long in this circle. In search of the host Gatsby they find a really confusing man in Gatsby s library. When they have left this confusing man they go back into the garden and sit down at a table with a man. During the conversation with him it turns out that the man is Gatsby himself. A few minutes later, after Nick and Gatsby have talked about their times during the war in Europe. Then Gatsby is asked for a phone call. Afterwards Jordan and Nick are in conversation for a short time about Gatsby. However suddenly Gatsby s butler arrives, and tells that Gatsby wants to speak to Jordan alone. When Nick is alone he watches the society a short time and enters then the hall. Just at the ...

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