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English Special Topic: Future technologies Prognoses of the future technical development Nobody really can say in which direction our science goes. There are so many different subjects that can revolutionise the whole world. Here are some examples of these future technologies: Gene engineering: The scientists think that they will have completely decoded the DNA (Desoxy Ribo Nuclein Acid) of humans in 50 years. After that we will be able to create a human with all the attitudes we want to give him. (more intelligent or good looking, for example). Today we are able to clone an organism and force bacteria to produce medicine. It sounds simply you just put the gene (building plan) for the enzyme (medicine) into the DNA of a bacterium and you let this bacterium multiply itself. After a certain time you have millions of bacterias which produce the medicine you want. Fusion energy: This technology can change society completely. We would have unlimited energy for the whole world. The sun is the best example. It has been burning for billions of years just with the help of fusion energy. With further researches perhaps it will be possible to replicate any atomic element, connection, molecule and material we want. Robots: Today many people could not imagine working without their computer. This computer technology is the base of Robots, Computers that can walk and talk. Today we are far away from this technology but there are programmes that can talk with you or machines that can walk. ...

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