Hemingway, Ernest: Fiesta - The sun also rises

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Ernest Hemingway Fiesta The Sun Also Rises Characters: Jake- in love with Brett Robert Cohn- Jakes tennis partner, writer; in love with Brett Bill Gorton- Jakes friend Mike Campbell- Bretts boyfriend Brett Ashley About the author: Ernest Miller Hemingway was born in 1899. His father was a doctor and he was the second of six children. In 1917 Hemingway joined the Kansas City Star as a cub reporter, then he volunteered to work as an ambulance driver at the Italian front. He returned to America in 1919 and married 2 years later. After some years years he resigned from journalism to devote himself to fiction. his first two works where: - Three Stories And Ten Poems - In Our Time His first hit was The Torrents of Sring. He was passionatly involved with bull-fighting, big-game hunting and deep-sea fishing which is reflected in his writing. His writing style is direct and deceptively simple. He was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature at 1954. Ernest Hemingway died in 1961. Story: The story takes place at Paris in the twenties. Is is about a group of Americans who were loose- living on money from home. They spend their time with parties, wine, tennis, girls and so on. One day at a party, Cohn and Jake met Brett Ashley. She was irresistibly beautiful and aristocratic. They both fell in love with her. They realized that Brett was in love with Mike Campbell. They have a nice time in Paris and after a while living there Jake and Bill, a friend of him dicided to go to Spain for the ...

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