Dickens, Charels: Great Expectations

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Charles Dickens: Great Expectations Great Expectations describes the life of Philip Perrip, called Pip. It is told by Pip himself (first-person narrator). The story is of danger, exitement and adventure, but also describes relationships, characters, the feeling of love and differences between classes in society. There are three stages of Pip´s life throughout the story. The first stage is of Pips childhood. Pip who is brought up by his sister and her husband Joe, the local blacksmith, has got Great Expectations. This means that a secret benefactor pays for him to become a gentleman. Pip suspects Miss Havisham, a weird, old and rich woman to whose house he has been invited to play at a lot of times when he was young. Pip is in love with Estella, a very beautiful but proud and self-possessed girl brought up by Miss Havisham, her mother by adoption. The second stage is when Pip lives in London for being educated. He gets to know why Miss Havisham is so strange and Estella brought up so proud and cold-hearted. His convict appears on scene. Pip had brought him food, whiskey and an iron file when being a child he met this fearful stranger out in the marshes. In the third stage of Pip´s life Pip gets to know who the secret benefactor was that provided him with money all the years. He learns about the family relations of Estella, the relations between Miss Havisham and the convict who do not even know each other and he finds out who had killed his sister when he was still living ...

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