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Eu USA The world has changed. There are big demographic shifts, globalisation, new technologies and changes in the nature of work. New economic and social models are needed but the welfare state should not be abolished. In America little money is spent on social services such as unemployment maternity and pensions benefits or on state-sponsored health care and education. In Europe high benefits paid to the jobless discourage. This is no incentive for the unemployed to find a job. So the working age population decrease whereas and the number of people who retire increases. The result: governments have to finance more and more welfare services with less money. Consequences are that the welfare budget will have to be cut, the active labour market will have to grow, more people will have to work even longer, unemployment benefits will depend on the people s willingness to accept training programmes and work. Collaboration among employers, the unemployed and governments is important. At the moment the situation is like this: you either have low unemployment, low wages, widening gulfs between rich and poor as in the USA and high unemployment, high wages and a more even income distribution as in the E. U. But there should be a way to make the market fairer and the welfare system more efficient. They should not be financed by tax money but by extra contributions which depend on the income. People with low wages would have to pay less. The important thing is people spend their own ...

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