Harris, Robert: Enigma

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ENIGMA by ROBERT HARRIS ENIGMA is the name of a German decipherig machine, which is until nowadays worth to be a technical wonder. At BLETCHLEY PARK was the English Cipher Bureau during World War II. Th book is about Thomas Jericho who worked as a cryptoanalyst during World War II at Bletchley Park. There he got into contact with a young and good-looking British undercover spy, Claire Pomilly. About in the middle of the story she suddenldy disappeared and during his investigations he got into a German spy syndicate, led by Adam Pukowski, and destroyed it. Characters: Thomas R. G. Jerico: After his father´s early death his mother married another man, whom he disliked, so he found astronomy and mathematics. He matriculated in 1935, Senior Wrangler, Mathematics Tripos in 1938. At Cambridge University, theth teacher, Frank Atwood sent him to a friend who led him into the art of deciphering. On December 4th 1939, three days after Germany has invaded Poland, he begen to work at Bletchley Park. There he met Claire Romilly with whom he had a short affair. In January 1943 he had a physical breakdown and was sent back to Cambridge University a short time after he deciphered the German-naval code SHARK. Soon after his breakdown the German naval-forces surprisingly changed their ENIGMA codebooks and so he was again called back to Bletchley Park. Back there he met Claire again and he fell in love with her but she ended their affair abruptly. page 63: a mathematican, like a painter or a ...

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