Higgins, Jack: The Eagle has landed

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The Eagle has landed by Jack Higgins Main characters: Adolf Hitler, the German Leader Heinrich Himmler, Head of the SS Admiral Wilhelm Canaris, Chief of Military Intelligence, Abwehr Colonel Max Radl, working for Canaris Mrs. Joanna Grey, a German agent in England Sir Henry Willoughby, Home Guard Commander Lieutenant-Colonel Kurt Steiner, leader of a special unit of German soldiers Steiner s men: Altmann, Neumann, Sturm, Brandt, Dinter, Berg, Becker, Jansen, Meyer, Riedl, Walther, Briegel, Klugl, Preston Liam Devlin, an IRA man teaching English at Berlin University, working for Steiner and his men Molly Prior, a seventeen-year-old English village girl Pamela Vereker, Molly s girl friend, daughter of the village priest The Twenty-first Special Raiding Force (Americans), training at Meltham House near Studley Constable Colonel Robert Shafto, the leader of the American special unit Winston Churchill, British Prime Minister Plot: In 1943 Hitler orders Admiral Canaris to kidnap the British Prime Minister Winston Curchill. Canaris thinks that Hitler can t be taken seriously. But then there is a report of a German agent saying that it would be simple enough. Churchill will spend a weekend at the home of Sir Henry Willoughby, seven kilometres outside the village of Studley Constable near the English south coast. Colonel Radl is to organize the kidnapping. Churchill is to be taken alive if possible or dead if there is no other way. Radl persuades Liam Devlin, an IRA soldier and ...

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