Stoker, Bram: Dracula

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DRACULA BOOK REPORT This book is a horror story written by BRAM STOKER. He was a famous horror book writter and he lived in England. The main setting of the book is Castle Dracula in the year 1875. in Transylvania. Another important setting is Hyt, a small village near the sea. The main characters are: Jonathan Harker: He is a lawyer, that means he looks for houses for people, who wants houses. He is the hero of the story. Count Dracula: He is the most famous and cruel vampire. He fives in his castle called Castel Dracula. But he wants a new house in England to kill there also a lot of peopel, that`s why he writes a letter to Jonathan Harker. Johnathan visits Count Dracula in his castel because the Count must sign the papers for his new house in England. After that Johnatan wants to retum home, but the Count doesn`t let him go. Now he is a prisoner in the castel for some weeks Dracula is ready for his journey to England. He goes by ship. because it´s easier to Transport a coffin by ship as by train. In this coffin sleeps Dracula when it is day. Now Dracula is in England and kills person after person, who is alone outside at night. In the meantime Johnathan can free himself. He knows what Dracula is doing. So he wants to kill the Count. He calls his friends Arthur West and Prof. van Helsing to help him. Dracula knows that they want to kill him, that´s why he returns home to his castle in Transylvania. Johnathan, Arthur and the Professor follow him In the end they find ...

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