Prison and death penalty

Sing me a death song, Dead Man Walking, Birdman of Alcatraz, Capital punishment, Hanging, Electrocution, Gas chamber, Lethal injection, punishment, Probation, Parole, Referat, Hausaufgabe, Prison and death penalty
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SPEZIALGEBIET PRISON AND DEATH PENALTY SUMMARIES: SING ME A DEATH SONG- BY JAY BENNETT Marian Feldon, a young woman Will be executed for murder of her lover. Everyone, even her lawyer, is convinced of her guilt. Except for Jason. He knows his mother could never murder anyone. When he visits his mother in prison, she doesn`t confess having murdered her lover to her son. Jason is desperate and doesn`t want to admit that his mother has perpetrated the crime and risks anything to save his mother s life. The court convicts Marian Feldon of her deed and is sentenced to death. DEAD MAN WALKING - BY SISTER HELEN PREJEAN Chava Golon from the Prison Coalition asks Sister Helen Prejean to become a pen pale to a death - row inmate. She accepts and the first death - row inmate is Elmo Patrick ...

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