Kleinmann, N.H.: Dead Poets Society

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DEAD POETS´ SOCIETY The story takes place in the fifties in Welton, New England. The rich people send their boys to a private boarding school, where they will be educated up to doctors, lawyers and professions of that kind. Their own thoughts don´t count there. John Keating, the new Englishteacher at the elite-school, causes trouble with his motto Carpe Diem . He encourages his pupils to think freely and to muster the courage for own decisions and thoughts. By unusual methods of teaching he wants the boys to discover the beautiful things of life like literature an performing on the stage. The pupils like the new teacher and the new teaching. After a time they encounter on the notion Dead Poets Society, wher once Keting himself was a member, when he was at Welton. It was a secret meeting of boys who wanted to enjoy lyric. They had meetings in an old cave and there they read poems. They didn´t only read them, they let it drip from their tongues like honey. Full members requires a lifetime of apprenticeship. A few of bays are interested in this theme, so they set up a new dead poets´society and they decide to kake their lives in their own hands. Neil Perry decides - against the intention of his father, who is very strict, - to become an actor. Unfortunately the new freethinkers don´t know how to adapt their new way of life to the reality. When Neil´s father hers about his son´s plans he wants to remove his son from the boarding school. Neil realizes that he will never win ...

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