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Dead Poets Society Novel by N.H. Kleinbaum N.H. Kleinbaum, a graduate of the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University, is a former newspaper reporter and editor. Her other novelizations include the Bantam Starfire title Growing Pains and D.A.R.Y.L. She lives in Mt. Kisco, New York, with her husband and her three children. The story takes place at Welton Academy, a boys´ boarding school that is located in New England. At the opening of the new school year, Neil meets his new roommate, Todd, a shy kid whose older brother graduated as one of the most prominent. At first Todd can hardly bring himself to speak, and is a little intimidate when he meets Neil´s friends. These guys have known each other a while, and they have established routines like study groups and inside jokes that makes it hard for Todd to fit in. Things aren´t easy for Neil, too because his father wants to control his life, he wants him to become a doctor. In these kids´ hard lives comes a breath of fresh air in form of their new English teacher, John Keating. His motto is carpe diem-seize the day. This is carried out in a series of class experiments like yelling out famous quotes or standing up on the teacher´s desk for a different perspective. The boys discover that when Mr. Keating was a student at Welton, Keating was part of a group called the Dead Poets Society. They start to revive the tradition of the Dead Poets Society. They meet in a cave and read poetry to each others. There Neil found ...

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