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Nancy H. Kleinbaum - DEAD POETS SOCIETY a summary by Fabian Laue Welton Academy - a new school year starts for the students, especially for Todd Anderson, a transfer student who has changed from his old school to graduate on this elitist institute. The expectations are high and everybody tries to live up to them. There is more new at Welton, Mr John Keating, the new English professor, who himself is a graduate of this school. Nobody expected, what this new teacher was able to reach with his very own teaching methods. He changes his students` lives completely by challenging them to make their lives extraordinary. The boys, inspired by their new teacher, establish the Dead Poets Society, a secret club they found out about in an old annual. During their meetings they are free from all constraints and expectations of school and parents, which normally last heavily on them. With Mr Keating`s help the students do not only discover language and its beauty but also the importance of every single moment in their lives by the old saying Carpe diem - Seize the day. This creates strong feelings of freedom and passion. But after a short time the Dead Poets pledges realize that this attitude they have gained also has its own very tough sides. Their teachers and parents do not tolerate that the children criticise and reject any traditions, in particular not the school pillars which are: tradition, honour, discipline and excellence, by secret actions and being taught alternatively. The ...

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