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My report is about the Cuba Crisis which was a highlight in the Cold War between the superpowers USA and USSR (Soviet Union). Among highlights were the Corean war (1950-1953), the construction of Berlin wall (1961), the Vietnamese war (1946-1975) and the cutthroat of both systems in the Third World. The Cold War wasn t really a war in it s ordinary meaning. There wasn t any direct military contact, but there were many fierce economic, diplomatic and ideological conflicts since 1917, in which the Soviet Union had been founded and declared war on the western system. Now I am going to tell you the facts, which led to the Cuba crisis. It started in 1959 when Fidel Castro took over in Cuba. One year later he began to nationalize companies, also american. That was part of his revolution. The american weren t pleased with that action and so they stopped trading with Cuba. So Cuba made friendship with Russia, economically and politically. The CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) planed the invasion of Cuba. About 1300 exile-cubans, equiped with US-weapons, had to go in two days from south Cuba to Havana (capital). There they had the order to overthrow Castro. The CIA thought, that many cubans and maybe some cuban armed forces would join them. John F. Kennedy, the successor of Dwight D. Eisenhower, permitted the plan. So the exile-cubans landed on Cuba on the 17th of April in 1961. But the cubans hit the invaders back. After 2 days of hard fight 100 invaders had been killed and about ...

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