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The life and adventures of Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe (1719)- Arrangement Biography of Daniel Defoe Plot Background The genre Robinson and colonisation Robinson and nature Bibliography Daniel Defoe´s Robinson Crusoe Daniel Waidelich Biography of Daniel Defoe: Born in 1660 as Daniel Foe, he was the son of a London citizen who supported a religious sect outside the official Church of England. Such men, called Dissenters suffered certain penalties, they were, for example, debarred from the universities of Oxford and Cambridge and so from qualifying for the learned professions. Daniel Foe was educated at a Dissenting academy. A fellow-pupil of his was Timothy Cruso, whose name Foe recalled nearly fifty years afterwards. He put himself to trade and was described as merchant when he married in 1684. . Defoe´s occupation - he had a shop in knitting wares was to be overshadowed by his political and religious engagement. In 1685 he took part in the rebellion against the Catholic Stuart King Jacob II, and gave his support to the tolerant Protestant William III. In 1701 he supported king William III. with The Trueborn Englishman, for William, a Dutchman who gained the crown in 1688 because his wife was the deposed James II. sister provoked hostility through favours shown to his Dutch followers. In this set of verses Defoe sets out his judgement on misconceived patriotism. His enterprises required long journeys in Britain and on the Continent; like his fictional heroes he knew the ...

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