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Georg Hattwich, Akad.Gym.Salzburg Book Report The book I read is a CRIME STORY COLLECTION First published in 1989 Second Impression 1999 Illustration by Les Edward, Cover Photograph Addison Wesley The stories are written by some of the finest British and American mystery writers. The authors are: Margery Allingham (1904 1966), Simon Brett, born as Anthony Lee in 1945,and Colin Dexter ,born in 1930 are British crime story writers. Sue Grafton, born in 1940 in Kentucky, Sara Paretzky born 1947 in Iowa, Jack Ritchie(1922-1983),and Patricia Highsmith (1921- 1995 ) are American crime story writers. P.Highsmith wrote also under the name of Claire Morgan, she was from Texas, although she lived in Europe for much of her later life. She is better known for her full length work. Her first book Strangers on a Train (1950) was very successful and was made into a film by Alfred Hitchcock. She too won many writing prizes and two of her stories are included in this collection: Slowly, slowly in the Wind tells the story of an argument between neighbours that gets out of control. In Woodrow Wilson s Tie a young delivery boy visits the waxworks and has a strange idea, but who will believe him ? I will give you more details about these two stories after a little while. Genre :As the name says, this book is a crime story collection, there are eight short stories written by different mystery writers. All the stories take place in England and in the USA from 1940s 1980s Subject Matter :Most of ...

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