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Patricia Cornwell Early Life Patricia Cornwell was born as Patricia Daniels on June 9, 1956 in Miami, Florida. Cornwell`s parents separated when Patricia was five. Cornwell told the New York Times (3 23 97) that her father left the family on Christmas Day in 1961 to join his secretary, whom he had made pregnant. After her parents divorced, when Patricia was 5, she was molested by a security guard who had been friendly to her. He lured her into his car and attempted to assault her. Patricia`s older brother rode up on his bicycle and chased the man off. In 1993 Cornwell went public with the incident to encourage other sex-abuse victims to talk. Pat Daniels moved Patricia and her two brothers to Montreat, N.C. in 1963 when Patricia was seven. After her divorce, Pat Daniels suffered from depression, and during the Christmas season when Patricia was nine, her mother tried to give her and her two brothers to Bill and Ruth Graham. Patricia and her brothers stayed with missionaries, Manfred and Lenore Saunders, for three months while their mother received medical treatment. It was while Cornwell was staying with the missionaries that she developed her passion for writing and where her imagination first found an outlet. Cornwell`s earliest childhood writings were poems and short stories. Even through she would escape into her imaginary world, her poems always seemed to be based in real events. Cornwell also wrote stories that pre-dated her now-famous genre. While she was young, ...

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