Dickens, Charels: David Copperfield

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Bookreport: David Copperfield The book is written by CHARLES DICKENS, one of England´s greatest novelists, who lived from 1812 to 1870. The main settinqs are: Blunderstone, in Suffolk Yarmouth Kent London The main characters are: DAVID COPPEPFIELD: He is the person whose life is told in the story. MR. MURDSTONE: David´s stepfather, a very stern and cruel man who sometimes beats young david. CLARA PEGGOTTY: She is the servant of the Copperfield´s and she loves David like a son. (Everybody calls her Peggotty, because Mrs. Copperfield is also named Clora.) STEERFORTH: David´s best friend. David Copperfield is a half-orphan, but when he is eight, his mother marries Mr. Murdstone, a very stern and cruel man. David bites his stepfather`s hand and because of this he is sent away to a boarding school. There he gets to know Steerforth, who takes care of him. One day David is told that his mother is dead. Mr. Murdstone doesn´t care about him and he is allowed to make a short holiday in Yarmouth to visit Peggotty´s family. But home again his stepfather sends him to London to a warehouse to work. David hates his work so he runs away to his father´s aunt. She adopts him and he can go to a good` school. He becomes a friend of Agnes, who is the daughter of Mr.Wickfield, the man in whose house David lives now. After he has finished school he visits Peggotty´s family with Steerforth. ,Steerforth falls in love with Emily (she is adopted by Peggottys brother ) who is promised to Ham ...

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