Computer Education at Schools

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Computer Education at schools: In most of the schools in Japan or America and in many schools in Germany the using of computers in the tuition is just as normal as using a pencil or a rubber. The goverments of these countries have already realizied, that in our high technnologized and computerized world, only people, who have had a good computer education at school, have a chance to get a good job. In Austria the pupils have computer education too, but just in a special tuition. And only some teachers use the computer active in their own lessons. Also nearly every school has old computers with old programms. And without great investions by the goverment, the pupils won´t have the same chance like the ones in Japan for example. Now I will tell you the main pros of computers at school: Pros: Adults often have big problems with Personal Computers or Programms. It is an established fact, that young children can learn easier than adults, and because of this fact it is my opinion, that the computer education has to start in the kindergarten. Otherwise we will gamble away the future of our children. With the right teaching methodes it would make fun and they would like to learn more about the computer. After school doing the homework, wouldn´t take so long, if everyone had a computer. If you make a mistake, you don´t have to take a correction pen or a rubber to erease the it. You just press a button and the mistake will disappear. And after finishing the homework you don´t have to ...

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