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Computers History A precursor of the digital computer was the adding machine. It was developed in 1642 by the French philosopher Blaise Pascal. Analog computers started to be built at the beginning of the 20 century. Such machines were used for solving very difficult equations. During world wars mechanical analog computers were used in submarines and planes. In the 1940s Howard Aiken, a Havard University mathematician, created the first digital computer. It was huge and primitive but it could solve equations without using any mechanical adding machine parts. With the invention of microprocessors and transistors the evolution of the computers went on. Can a Computer Think? It is said that computers only think because they are programmed to do so. When they solve a mathematical equation, they were programmed to solve it. Now we have the idea to build a computer complex enough to duplicate the human brain. Long before we approach a computer as complex as our brain, we will perhaps build a computer that is at least complex enough to create another computer more complex than itself. This more complex computer could create one still more complex and so on and so on. Once we pass a critical point where the computers are as complex as our brain, then it will not stop, the computers will surpass it. Then we have an intelligent computer. Will we be allowed to turn this computer, a thinking creature, off? Bill Gates and his Internet Bill Gates was born in Seattle 1958. He started his ...

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