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There is an immense difference between cloning and genetic engineering. When something or perhaps someone is cloned not a single one of the bases of the DANN is changed. So we can get an image of something, which looks like the other. But when we speak about genetic engineering we mean that the DAN is altered and the product is completely different to the thing we had first. Genetically engineering hasn t only negative sides. There are also some necessary points for the future. Production of pharmaceuticals As farm animals with improved production As models of human genetic disorders to develop human gene therapy To change the character of animals organs to try to make them suitable for transplanting into humansGenetically engineered animals could be used for medical research. For example to improve the situation of haemophiliacs. They need blood clotting proteins so that they can survive when they are hurt. These proteins could be produced in the milk of genetic altered sheep. Sheep have also been genetically engineered to secret substances which can be used in the treatment of cancer or cystic fibrosis. Cloned animals could have organs which are similar to human organs. In this way scientists would be able to study genetic diseases for which there is no cure until now. Another possibility is, that these organs could be used for heart, kidney or liver transplants. But they are imperfect substitutes. Also new therapies could be tested before they are used on human beings. ...

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