Lessing, Doris: The fifth Child

Referat, Hausaufgabe, Lessing, Doris: The fifth Child
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Bookreport by Sophie Heitzeneder, Jan. 99 by Doris Lessing FAMILY RELATIONSHIP: James Lovatt Molly Frederick Jessica David Deborah Dorothy Walker Luke ( 66) Helen ( 68) Jane ( 70) Paul ( 73) Harriet Sarah William Amy Angela SUMMERY: David and Harriet got to know each other at a party. Harriet never before fell in love with a boy bat at this party she fell in love with David. Some time after, they married and bought a big house. Because of their mortgages of their house they got financial problems but James (David s father) helped them. Actually they wanted to get lots of children when Harriet had worked for 2 years but then she got pregnant earlier she wanted. Luke was an easy baby and when he was 3 months old, Harriet got pregnant again. Helen, the 2nd child was born in 1968. On every Christmas and Easter it took a big family party part and therefore the house was full of people in this time and they often have often stayed for 3 weeks. Dorothy always helped Harriet with the household, her pregnancy and her children. Later in 1970 Jane the 3rd child was born and in 1973 the 4th child, Paul, was born. With each pregnancy Harriet got more and more tired. Once, James, Molly, Dorothy, Harriet and David talked about the education of the 4 children. Harriet preferred to let their children attend a local school but Molly wasn t satisfied with this decision. She meant that the children had to go to a private school because public education was awful. Because of Harriet s tiredness ...

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