The Celts

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The Celts From 500 BC to 795 AD the Celts were the exclusive tribe of the island. They were not the first inhabitants. But when they arrived they assimitlated with the native people. Most of the Celts were, tall and blond and they learned to work with iron. they lived scattered on farms with high walls around. There were no urban centres and the economic basis of society was cattel rearing and agriculture. The Celts had no central political organisation, but there were many big families, wich they called clans, scattered all over the island. Sometimes the clans consisted of up to five generations, and all the farmhouses, cows, sheep and fields belonged the clan. In the social life of the celts the druid was very important, who had the purpose of a priest, fortuneteller and magician. Another important person was the poet or bard. As society was non-literate, their function was to pass on history as well was to entertain. The Romans never came to Ireland and so the celts could keep their own culture, but nevertheless the Celts and Romans artered. During the fifth century AD Christianity was interoduced, and with Christianity came Latine culture and latine script. Now the bards were not that important any more, because the monks, Patricianus was one of the first monk in ireland (still ST. Patrick´s day), were able to write down Ireland´s history. At the time the most powerful clan leaders wished to have more power and so eventually they began to rule bigger areas. Politically, ...

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