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Cars Introduction I want to talk about cars. I have divided my report in three parts. The History of automobiles, the different types of cars and drivers and finally the problems and dangers of cars in our world. The History of automobiles The first gas powered car was independently from each other invented by Carl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler in Germany in the year 1886. In the beginning the production was made by hand, but an American named Henry Ford changed this. He got famous because of his partly automatically production and his first car the model T. Already in 1909 there were 131000 cars produced in America. In 1920 already 8,1 millions car were driving in the USA. Soon there were also produced large cars for transporting things and also militaries used cars and for example the first tanks were nothing more than cars with a heavy amour plating. Nearly every year new and more efficient and better technologies improved the cars and their power which is specified in horsepower. Since the seventies scientist also tried with success to decrease the dangerous exhaust gases that are produced by cars. For the great masses cars got affordable in the fifties, when the mass-production allows low prices (example: VW-Beetle). The automobile industry was since its beginning in a strong upward trend and today it is one of the most important factors in most of the industrialised countries. Today some companies have taken a leading position in the automobile section like Mercedes (that ...

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