The Grand Canyon

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The Grand Canyon Today I want to give you a little impression of the Grand Canyon, I m sure all of you know it. 1.) Establishment Grand Canyon National Game Preserve , established in 1906, became Grand Canyon National Park by an Act of Congress in 1919. The Grand Canyon National Park covers 4931 square kilometers in northwestern Arizona. It includes 170 kilometers of the most colorful part of the Grand Canyon of the Colorado River. 2.) Geology The Colorado River rushes at the bottom of the canyons, about 564 meters above sea level. The sides of the canyons are made of rocks, cliffs, ridges, hills and valleys of every form. Many of the ridges have weather carved lines which make them resemble Chinese temples. Thick forests of blue spruce, fir, oaks as well as Ponderosa pines cover the canyon rim. Deep in the canyon`s recesses, the foliage grows sparse and shorter. Pinon pines and juniper growing along the cliffs give way to dry desert scrub on the canyon floor. The north rim of the Grand Canyon rises about 366 meters feet higher that the south rim. The highest points on the rim are about 2743 meters above sea level. Most of the 4931 square kilometers of the park are maintained as wilderness. There are three distinct sections of the park; the South Rim, the North Rim and the Inner Canyon. Each section has a different climate as well as different vegetation and different experiences. The North Rim is the coldest and the wettest. It receives up to 660 millimeters of ...

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