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CANADA Natives in Canada In thwe 1986 census, some 700.00 Canadians claimed to be of aboriginal origin. The majority of the Canadian first peoples live in the North-West-Territories. Some bands have their own schools with their own curricula, where teaching is conducted in the Native language. The Native peoples have become very rigorous in demanding their rights. Natives no longer accept that provincial or federal governments can dispose of theier ancestral lands. The Mohawk conflict with the Quebec government in 1990 proves that Native peoples are prepared to defend thier rights with arms if necessary. Mohawk Warriors occupied the site. Another Mohawk band then blocked the brigdes into Montreal. The Ethnic Mosaic Nation of Immigrants Jaques Cartier´s landing at Quebec City in the 16 th century is the first recorded non-aboriginal settlement in Canada. For the next 200 years, until 1760, most settlers came from France and later from the United Kíngdom. In the 20 th century the pattern again changed dramatically as the bulk of Canada´s immigrants arrived on her shores from Continental Europe and, later in the century, from other continents. Canada´s Chinese Speakers Chinese has become the third-most-spoken language in Canada. A huge increase in immigrants from Hong Kong, China, and Taiwan since the 1980s has pushed Chinese ahead of Italian, German, Spanish, and Portuguese. Montreal´s Chinese community is much smaller than those in Cnada´s largest cities, Toronto and ...

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