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CANADA History Canada s first inhabitants arrived 30.000 years ago. The first Europeans were Nordsmen, or Vikings, from Scandinavia. In 1497, an Englishman, John Cabot, set out to try to reach the Far East, and, instead, landed in Newfoundland. In 1534 a French explorer, Jaques Cartier, mapped the Gulf of St. Lawrence. The Europeans began trade with the Native people. In 1608 groups of French and English were starting permanent settlements. Canada s first census was taken in 1667: there were 3215 non-Native inhabitants in 668 families. In the 1750s, the tensions between the French and the English in the colonies spread to the two groups in Canada and fighting frequently broke out. A major difference between the groups was religion: the British were mostly Protestant and the French were Catholics. After the USA won independance in 1776, many English-speaking colonists came to Canada. The separate British colonies began to grow. On July 1, 1867, Canada East, Canada West, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, under the British North America Act, joined together to become one nation: the Dominion of Canada. New provinces were created from these territories: Manitoba in 1870 and later on, in 1905, Alberta and Saskatchewan. The remaining land became the Northwest Territories. At hte end of the 19th century, thousands of immigrants were still arriving in Canada. The world was beginning to see Canada as an independant country. After World War II Canada was the fourth largest industrial ...

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