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CAL By Bernard Mac Laverty Cal was written by Bernard Mac Laverty , an Irish author who was born in Belfast. Mac Laverty worked there for about ten years as a medical laboratory technician before starting to study English at Queen s University. After his studies he moved to Scotland to teach for some years. The author now writes and lives in Glasgow. He has yet written two novels, Lamb and CAL , and many short stories . Both of his novels became patterns for quite successful films. The main character of this novel is the nineteen -year-old Cal Mc Cluskey. He loves music and plays the guitar whenever he sits in his room alone which is quite often because he doesn t have friends. He often tries to hide or screen himself from the hard and cold world in his country. His music helps him doing this pretty well. He often thinks of his mother who died when he was only eight years old. She often gave him good advice and he still remembers many of the things she said to him. Cal and his father, Shamie, live together in a loyalist district where they are the only catholics. Fear has driven out the others long ago, but Shamie doesn`t even think about giving up. He insists on his right to live where he wants and would rather be killed than chased away. Cal on the other hand isn t very satisfied with their situation and fears the crowd of protestants they are surrounded by. Cal s father, Shamie, works at the abattoir just like Cal himself did some time ago. His reason to quit this job ...

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