Ratting,Terence: The Browning Version

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Bookreport: The Browning Version 27th of October by Thomas Cik Author: Sir Terence Rattigan ( 1911-1977) In 1911 one of England´s most successful playwriters was born. As his grandfather had already received a knighthood and his father was in the diplomatic service he was educated in England´s best schools. At Harrow he became interested in theatre. Once they had to write a dramatic scene in French. His teacher wrote under it:French execrable, theater sense first class (p 4) At Trinity College, he was interested in everything connected with the theatre but not in learning and school. In 1936 he had his first big success. French Without Tears. His next play was about Hitler (Follow My Leader) but as it came out too late it was a failure. To over a bout of depression he joined the RAF. There he wrote Flare Path, a play about the Royal Air Force. The life during World War II was the theme of his next play: While the Sun Shines. After the war also the film industry was interested in his plays. Many of his plays were turned into successful movies like The Sleeping Prince (The Prince and the Showgirl) with Marilyn Monroe and Sir Lawrence Olivier. As in the 50´s and 60´s the New Wave Drama and the Theatre of the Absurd came up Rattigan continued writing conventional plays. He did this for Aunt Edna. She is an imaginary middle aged theatre-going lady who doesn´t like any innovations or experiments on stage. Critics were very negative but his plays were still popular. In the 60 ´s ...

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