Kesey, Ken: One flew over the cuckoo s nest

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ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO`S NEST WELCOME I welcome all of you to our presentation. We read the novel One flew over the cuckoo s nest by Ken Kesey. During this lesson we won t only talk about the book but also about the film. Author First, I`d like to say a few words about the author: Ken Kesey was born in Colorado in 1935. He studied at the University of Oregon, where he graduated in 1957. He volunteered for drug experiments carried out by the government and worked in the psychiatric ward of a veterans` hospital for a while. It was the experience of this period that he used for this book. Towards the end of the sixties he founded a group called The Merry Pranksters. This group experimented with drugs, travelled the country, filmed the country and its people and generally criticized the narrow-mindedness of the American system. Accused and later convicted of possessing marijuana, Kesey took refuge for a time in Mexico which caused the group to split up. The way he was described in Tom Wolfe`s The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test (1968) made Kesey into a cult-hero of the sixties together with groups like Jefferson Airplane and The Doors. I`m sure yall have already heard of the famous singer of the doors, Jim Morrison. So far Kesey has only produced two other books, Sometimes a Great Notion (1964) and Kesey`s Garage Sale (1973). He now lives on a farm in Oregon. (Pic: This is Ken Kesey on a tractor working on his farm. By the way, it is the most recent photography we could find of ...

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