The Amish

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Handout: 23.6.1999 The Amish Origins: Anabaptist movement in the early 16th century After 1536: They are called the Mennonites, because of the leadership of Menno Simons 1693 the Amish are founded by Jacob Amman Early 18th century: first amish settlers in Pennsylvania Today live approximately 150 000 Amish people in 22 states of the USA and Ontario, Canada Best known amish community in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Amish way of life: Completely secluded from the non-Amish world Plain lifestyle: - Tractors and cars are forbidden - No telephones allowed, only commonly used pay-phones - Electricity only from batteries - Computers are forbidden very hard work Community as a family Amish rules of dressing:- Women and girls: long sleeves, full skirt, hair as a bun, bonnet - Men and boys: dark suits, broad trousers with suspenders, beard, no mustache Rules are written down in the Ordnung Amish school system Importance of the family Vocabularies: infant - Säugling baptize - taufen worship - Gottesdienst seclude - absondern plain - schlicht sleeve - ärmel bun - (Haar-)Knoten bonnet - Haube mustache - Schnurrbart The Amish Origin: Amish, religious group, who have their roots from the anabaptist movement in Europe in the early 16th century In this time it was usual, that only infants get baptized. But the Amish believed, that only Adults should be baptized, because they can confess their belief. Infants can not choose , they got baptized if they want or not. Because adult-baptism ...

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