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Grafiken wurden aufgrund ihrer Größe entfernt History The Undiscovered South: Before the first Europeans came to the continent of America the country was vastly unsettled. But in the Southeast of the Tennessee River the tribes of the Cherokee, Creek, Choctaw and Chickasaw had their settlements. They were farmers. Further south, mainly around the Mississippi Delta, the tribes of the Natchez and Chitimacha were living. All these Indians were completely driven out of their home country and into the area of today s Oklahoma as time went on. The Colonization: 1524-27 Giovanni da Verrazano explores on behalf of the French King the North American East Coast down to the today s South Carolina. 1521 the first Spaniards come to South Carolina and from 1539-42 Hernando de Soto, governor of Cuba, explores the area north of the Gulf of Mexico starting from Florida, From 1526 onwards, Spanish, French and also English people try to settle in the region of Carolina, but they all fail. In the 17th century French troops succeed in reaching the Mississippi River from the North over Canada and the Great Lakes. 1663 King Charles II of England designates the government of Carolina to eight English noblemen. One of these noblemen is Anthony Ashley Cooper, who founds Charleston in 1670, another one is James E. Oglethorpe, founder of the colony of Georgia in 1732. 1682: René R. Cavalier occupies the Mississippi Delta and proclaims the state of Louisiana with its capitol Nouvelle Orleáns (New ...

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