Briley, John: Cry Freedom

South Africa, apartheid, racism, blacks, whites, conflicts, Steven Biko, hero, nationalism, freedom, Referat, Hausaufgabe, Briley, John: Cry Freedom
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CRY FREEDOM by John Briley AUTHOR The author of the book ist John Briley. He is an American journalist and writer. At present he lives in Spain. CONTENT The story plays in November 1975 in the south-east of South Africa in the city East London. In this city Donald Woods is an editor of the Daily Dispatch. One morning he gets news of a police raid in the black township Crossroads which lies in Cape Town in the south-west of South Africa. To this news he also gets photos of the raid and he desides to print them although the government doesn´t allow to print such photos. Woods doesn´t believe the demand of the black people but he is trained as a lawyer and doesn´t like police brutality against black people. So he also writes an editorial about a black, young man who is shown on a picture on ...

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