Miller, Arthur: All my sons

Referat, Hausaufgabe, Miller, Arthur: All my sons
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All my Sons All my sons is a play about two families. It takes place in the Keller s house. Kate, Joe s wife believes that Larry, their missing son will return from the war soon, but the other members of the family doesn t. Annie comes and visits the Kellers and Chris, their son. Chris and Ann are in love and they want to marry. Kate is against this marriage, because Chris was Larry s girl. Ann s father, Steve is in jail, because a few years ago, he was Joe s partner in a fabric, which produced cylinder heads for aeroplanes. One day, 21 of the cylinder heads were cracked. On the next day, Joe had a flu and didn t come to work, but he called Steve and told him to send the cracked heads away. Steve did so and the P-40s, the planes in which the cracked heads were put, crashed down. ...

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