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Tobias Pötzelsberger 7mus Bookreport 1st Term written GO ASK ALICE (Anonymus) The Book GO ASK ALICE is about Alice, an American girl. Alice is fifeteen years old. She is a normal girl with normal behaviour. She loves Roger from her school, but he doesn t even take notice of her. Alice hates herself and she is bored by everything and everyone and doesn t even go to parties when she s invited. At this time, her parents want to move because her father has the chance to get a job in --. Alice is very happy of this, but a bit sad because they have to leave their grandparents, who Alice calls Gramps and Gran. The first time at the new school is a shock for Alice. She can t find friends, whereas her brother and her sister already got to know kids in their age. After some time Alice gets to know Gerda, but her parents don t want Alice to meet with her. She has troubles with her family and can t stand her mother. After a while, Alice gets to know Beth, who is Jewish. She is very nice, and they have a very strong friendship until the summer holidays, because Beth has to go on a summer camp, and Alice is sad of this. She decides to spend the holidays in her hometown with Gran and Gramps. There she meets Jill, who invites her to a party. At the party, Alice is unknownly introduced to LSD, also called acid. She likes the trip and it was a wonderful experience for her. After this, Alice tries to convince herself that drugs are bad for her for two days when she meets Bill. He introduces ...

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