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Amnesty International In our talk we want to tell you about Amnesty International. We chose this topic, because last year, we had a young- AI- group and this year, I ve become member of the local group in Baden. Today, we want to talk about its story of AI, the members, campaigns, the aims and the results. (Folie ) First, I ll tell you about the beginning of the organisation AI. In 1961, a London lawyer, Peter Benenson read about a group of students in Portugal, who were arrested and jailed for raising a toast to freedom in a public restaurant. This incident prompted him to launch a one year campaign called Appeal Amnesty 1961 in the London Observer , a local newspaper. Appeal for Amnesty release of all people prisoned because of peaceful expression of their believes, politics, race, religion, colour or national origin. ( no violence) Benenson: prisoners of conscience He wanted people to write letters to governments of countries with prisoners of conscience. The campaign grew enormously - spread to other countries- By the end of 61 AI was formed AI was founded on the fact, that people have fundamental rights that transcend national cultural religious ideological boundaries. Worked for fair trails for all prisoners of conscience. Based on the United Nations Universal Declaration Human Rights. Earliest activities: individual letter writing to governments to families of the prisoners (to offer help) worked extremely well AI works for individuals not for countries or political ...

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