Maas, Sharon: Of marriageable age

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Author: Sharon Maas Title: Of marriageable age Date of publication: 1999 Type of story: romance Main characters: Savitri, David, Sarojini (called Saroj, Savitris adopted daughter), Nataraj (David s and Savitri s son) Interpretation: This is a love story but not an ordinary one since it describes the lives of four people who are ralated to one another. The plot describes four lives in two decades but these are built up chronologically. The action is quite complex since the reader does not know how the different characters are related to one another, this turns out step by step and only in the ending one can understand the whole relationship of the characters, which are very well drawn. However Savitri s perspective is presented most strongly, because she is maybe the most charismatic charakter and although she dies, she is still important for the further happenings in the story. Plot: The whole story begins in pre-war India, which is still an English-colony at that time, where David and Savitri are born. David as the son of a rich English Family and Savitri as the daughter of their cook. However the children grow up together because David s mother is for some reason not able to breastfeed the baby, so she calls Savitri s mother with her baby to live with her and David. David and Savitri become the best friends, but Savitris brother, Mani, begins to think that it was just Savitri s fault that his mother had to leave him because of these English people. But he does not let ...

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